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13 Jan 2014

Pins and needles

I have too many men on the go.

I am trying to have conversations with two different men via two different mediums. Plus my best (female) friend on Facebook. I also have Byron. There was also a 3rd boy via text.

And I wonder why I'm exhausted....

So trains of conversation

Dutch boy (met the other week for an afternoon of FUN I need to type up) - meeting again next weekend. He deserves some serious attention in this blog though. I'll get to that.

Writer boy - bit of a wildcard entry. Out of a long term relationship and a little pushy. But very smart and intriguing to talk to so will consider for one more night.

Jock boy - little young, little dumb but talking a basic game that enough to suggest I'd get a good bang out of him.

I've got pins and needles in my legs from sitting crossed legged at my desk trying to keep up with just these boys.

Byron and I needled each other on the way home. I discussed the various boy's I'm seeing. He apparently is planning a date of his own this weekend. I pointed out some of his more charming faults. He did the same to me. Apparently we're not special to each other. I pointed out that it's only going to take a few more months of this behaviour before he starts complaining someone is playing with his toy...

And if that fails I can always stick some actual pins in a nice little voodoo doll....

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