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14 Jan 2014

Hook, Line and Sinker

So last night I was complaining I have too many guys on the go at the moment. This is still true tonight and I'm forcing myself to knock out a blog post rather than start reeling in another new guy for the fun of it.

My best friend from home is well less of a best friend and more of a non-biological sister. She's known me almost all my life and fancies herself to be something of an amateur psychologist. I think that's what I'll call her from now on - Psy. So according to Psy I am psychologically scarred by my first boyfriend who openly left me for another member of our friendship group.

So now I chase really bad boys. To see if I can make them love me. For many months I've been seeing if I can entice Byron. And since dipping my toes into online dating (ok online fuck buddy meeting)  I'm now just playing a numbers game. How many can I snare?

Feel vaguely bad about this. Unlikely to meet everyone of these guys, not enough hours in the day. But I get off on talking. So I'm off fishing to see what I catch. then it's a case of choosing what I want to bring home for dinner and what I'll throw back into the water.

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