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18 Jan 2014

Double Dutch

So spent last night again with Dutch boy. I was supposed to be out with work colleagues but I skipped in favour of bringing forward a night with by 24 hours.

And oh boy what a night.

This is only the second time I've met him. First time was drinks at the Shard and an afternoon of truly excellent sex at his place. There is something about this guy even when he talks - very old streak romanticism (he doesn't like it when I point this out I still think its a compliment). He met me off the bus (because I couldn't remember the way back to his) and took me back to his.

Where I found the living room lit by candles, cushions and blankets everywhere. To some that would seem seedy I can assure you it was not. In between all the , again what was frankly fantastic, sex I got a full body massage, cuddle, fussed over and talked to like a human being with some decent level of intelligence. I also got dinner cooked me (a first) and then breakfast this morning. I generally feel spoiled and pampered and above all special right now.

A part of me wishes it had been seedy. A part of me wishes I'd seen the room as the set up for a cheap porn shoot. I wish he's ignored me, not talked to me and sent me packing to my place not holding me occasionally through the night. 

Because seedy is simple. Special raises too many questions.

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