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6 Feb 2014

Snog, marry, avoid?

Girls night out tonight. As you would expect 11 girls who work with 45 boys only have one topic of conversation when they go out to dinner. That would be the 45 boys they work with. And despite the age range of 23-35 it all devolved into one big round game of Snog, Marry or Avoid.

Every one of my three choices contained Byron. Figures right? Perils of working together I guess people are bound to make up rumours.

On the way home though I gave it some thought. Byron and I are playing our own version of Snog, Marry Avoid.

Snog - well we make out like teenagers whenever we can steal 30 minutes alone (he's also currently getting the occasional blow job from me. I really should stop that but I find it too much fun myself so doubt I will).

Marry - well this is an abstract one for us. We're not actually having sex which is kinda like a marriage. We argue like a long married couple. Knowing my luck I will marry the annoying little shorty and one or both of us is going to end up cheating on the other. Fidelity isn't exactly a strong suit for either of us it seems.

Avoid - well he's been doing that since Monday night (i.e. the last time he got his dick sucked). I'm trying to rationally tell myself it's a busy week at work. However its that time of the month when I'm irrational as fuck. So ranting about it here. Because otherwise tomorrow I might bite his head off entirely rather than dropping to my knees and giving him head....

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